Year: 2017
Project: Poster
Range of work: Visual communications 1
Femmes animation


The goal was to create a poster about women's power in society.


I needed something visually strong that would get the audience attention involved. I had to find a way to illustrate women’s power including both genders as well. After research and brainstorm, I kept repeating the words: " FEMMES ET POUVOIR D'AGIR." The more that I thought about it, the more that my brain started to visualize an image. Behind every man is a woman.

Femmes poster
femmes mockup


I came up with an illustration of abstract forms to represent a woman’s breast. An abstract drop of milk was created as well and a man illustration underneath. This approach was to emphasis on the woman power that is ignored by society. A man is brought to life by a woman and is nurtured and raised by a woman.

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