Year: 2018
Project: Book case and USB key.
Range of work: 2D-3D technical production print


Gae Aulenti was known as the Italian architect who worked on furniture, graphics, stage design, lighting and interior design. She was one of the few women working in design in the postwar period in Italy. The mandate was to create a 2D 3D book case containing booklets about her and a USK key.

gave top view
Gae booklets


I had to think of a way to combine the different work that Gae did, so I decided to use different materials. I chose Ebony wood to build the structure, plexi-glass to protect the content in it and Pine tree leaves to add life and to get my structure look the closest to the real building.


I created a piece where the upper part is protected by plexi-glass. Enough space was measured in between each level to hold the booklets properly. The bottom part had a sliding drawer for the USB key which is secured with plexi glass on top. The booklet's design is simple and creative just like her work.

Gave all kit
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