Year: 2018
Project: Book cover, spreads design and e-book design
Range of work: Publication design




The mandate was to design abook cover and inside spreads based on Basquiat’s style and biography targeting his fans and visual artists. He was a very prominent New York artist who went from doing graffiti in the streets of Manhattan during the late 1970s to having his paintings exposed in galleries and museums internationally.


After some research, brainstorming and sketching, I came up with a big bold B on the front cover and I added a yellow crown which was used for his signature. It became the main element used for creating the logo.
For the inside spreads, I wanted to come up with something bold and strong but creative and simple in the same time.


I had the B die-cut in plexi-glass and glued over the black Matt cover. I came up with something that speaks for the artist himself keeping my main idea to represent Basquiat in one element.

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